All Clear

It was a clear day yesterday. After so many days of downpours and drizzle, the weather finally cleared up. So I went to my bank to deposit a check. The pretty clerk with a set of clear blue eyes told me the check would clear within one day. Clearly it was a pleasant surprise. I had not expected it to be cleared this quick. She said because nowadays they use the electornic Automated Clearing House process.

So it was clear that I would be able to use the money for today's clearance sale at an out-of-town shopping mall. But first I needed to clear up and out my closet to clear the way for my new incoming wardrobe. I also want to make one thing clear that I am not a shopaholic. And my conscience is clear, and my mind is clear since I'm very clear about what I'm doing. And that was what I did, a clearance of my closet before a clearance of the shop's clearance closets. Ha Ha Ha.

And so it happened that this morning after the breakfast I immedialy cleared away the cups and plates. As soon as the early mist had cleared, I drove clear over to the mall. But alas, there was a bomb scare and police cars were all over the place. You would need a top top security clearance to get into the shops as the police was conducting the operations on searching and clearance of the bombs. They shouted at us, "stay clear!"

So no more clearance sale shopping today. We were all told to clear out of the place, not to wait for the all clear sign. And everyone was clear-sighted enough to follow the order. The traffic was forced to detour through an unfamiliar neighborhood which clear as day was recently developed after a widespread clearance of jungle land. And alas again, a huge 18-wheeler in front of us couldn't get past the clearance of an overpass bridge there and stuck for an hour, which of course caused more police action and detouring. The whole situation was clear-cut hopeless.

After much patience and waiting, finally the coast was clear. We were cleared for passing underneath the damaged bridge. As soon as I was clear of the dangerously-looking havoc and made sure that I was in the clear, I made a clear mental note to myself that I would forever stay clear of this particular area. I cleared my throat and started my clear as a bell whistling, going home for a clear soup for lunch. That was when I heard a thud and it was crystal clear that I had a flat tire. My mind went clear as mud.

That was when I felt like having a glass of clear and strong you-know-what substance, to clear my mind.

Did I make myself clear, dear clear-headed reader?

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