Once Upon a Mind

There were two minds talking…

“Something must be on your mind. Do you mind telling me, since I can't read your mind?”
“Oh, it's just this you know what at the back of my mind, somehow forever bringing itself to mind.”
“Why don't you just close your mind to it. Don't cast your mind back to it. This way your can put your mind at rest.”
“I just thought, if only I had been open-minded back then, rather than setting my mind on that stupid thing…”
“One can't be forever in two minds. At the end of the day, you will have to make up your mind. But it does stick in your mind, doesn't it?”
“Oh well, never mind. I'll try to take my mind off it. Having talked to you is already like a weight off my mind.”
“Yes, please do put your mind to trying. Wait…what you just said put me in mind of something…Oh! It almost slipped out of my mind.”
“What was in your mind?”
“Whew! I'm glad it comes to mind. I have it in mind to asking you…Would you mind minding the business while I'm away next month?”
“…Sorry, I was absent-minded. What did you say?”
“I was saying, please mind the shop for me next month.”
“You must be out of your mind! I can't do it alone! I'm not a business-minded person! You are not in your right mind to have asked.”
Mind your tongue, please. Any way, in my mind's eye, I see you have the right mind for it, just lacking experience.”
“But if you don't mind, I have to speak my mind. I don't mind telling you that I don't have a mind to rise up to the challenge. It scares me out of my mind thinking all these responsibilities”
“Did it ever cross your mind that I have been coaching you with this in mind all along?”
“You can see that I'm not of a suspicious mind, though very much a susceptible mind.”
“Just bear in mind, you have a good mind. As a matter of fact, you're one of the best minds---and since we are of the like mind, that makes two.”
“True, mind and body, I always go for the former.”
Great minds do think alike. If you truly know your own mind, you will not regret it.”
“Alright, I see you have single-mindedly masterminded the whole thing. Tell you what: I don't mind giving it a try. Still, one can never be too mindful…I have to clear my mind of all the doubts. The whole thing to my mind is sort of surreal…”
“It's just a state of mind…It’ll will pass. And you will have a mind-expanding experience.”
“It's mind-blowing, mind-boggling…In a shock such as this, I need my presence of mind…”
“It's a done deal. Period---It just sometimes boggles my mind that you have such a one-mind-too-many mindset.”
“I might very well say 'mind your own business', literally.”
“Don't say such a mindless thing.”
Mind you. You started it first.”
“Truce! Mind some more coffee?”
“I don't mind if I do."

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